This past weekend several hundred bloggers and other new media types gathered in Las Vegas for the 2nd annual BlogWorld conference and New Media Expo to glean tips and tricks from some of the top bloggers  and blogging experts in the world.

Each day started out with a keynote speech that was fairly well attended but it was the individual sessions that seemed to attract the biggest crowds overall.  There was a wide range of topics from Sports blogging to what I will call God blogging to some nuts and bolts sessions on twitter and facebook.

In the political panels sponsored by Pajamas Media there was some heat generated when a questioner asked a liberal panelist who supported Barack Obama about getting rid of Che Guevara images and references to Hezbollah from an Obama web site.  That didn’t go over very well with the panelist but created a buzz in the audience as we finally got some lively debate.

The most useful session that I attended was the Facebook Fortunes which was given by Shama Hyder who used case studies of how Facebook can help individuals and groups achive bigger and better things.  The least useful was a relationship building session by German Nicole Simon who was competent but with her German accent and slides that had spelling and grammatical errors didn’t wow me or the crowd.

During my visit to the expo hall I picked up a bunch of free t-shirts ( good swag) as well as a lot of interesting information on software and widgets that may be useful to my corporate blog.  Maybe I’ll try some out here as well.

All in all it was well worth the $200 registration fee and travel expenses to attend.  The sessions, expo hall and the networking were invaluable to me.  I added a few Facebook friends and some twitter followers and decided to start this blog so it was very productive weekend.