Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) a notorious champion of fighting earmarks in Congress has taken yet another bold step by launching a new website today at

In his press release Flake said that “Congress will only end its enthusiasm for pork when enough citizens make their displeasure known,” and that he hoped the new website will give Congress that message.

For those that sign up for e-mails the site will periodically send messages on how his effort is going.  The site will also utilize microblogging site Twitter to send regular messages from the House floor and for those that are already using the service they can particpate via #pork.

Flake also hopes to load videos on YouTibe as well as bookmarking stories using

With the Republicans in the minority and likely to stay that way after November grassroots efforts such as this will be the most effective way to get reluctant Republicans and recalcitrant Democrats to get off their collective butts and finally bring spending under control.