David Zucker the Hollywood producer who gave us Airplane! and the Naked Gun movies among many others has changed course somewhat with his latest spoof movie “An American Carol.”

Rather than give us a straight spoof of the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” Zucker has decided to take on the Hollywood left for constantly producing blatantly unpatriotic movies.  Zucker who says he is a 9/11 Republican assembled a cast of mostly conservative actors to help help get his message across.

The movie stars Kelsey Grammar, Robert Davi, Kevin Farley and Leslie Nielsen with James Woods and Bill O’Reilly making cameos takes a no-holds barred approach in making fun of the Michael Moore faction in Hollywood.

Kevin Farley stars as an overweight filmmaker named Michael Malone who is traying to abolish July 4th and is also recruited by a terrorist (played by Robert Davi) who wants to destroy the U.S.  Kelsey Grammar though truly shines with his performance as Gen. George S. Patton who gives Malone a history lesson about war while trying to literally slap some sense into him.  Jon Voight plays George Washington and very poignantly speaks to Malone about terrorism and the devastation. of 9/11.  Country and Western singer Trace Adkins portrays the Angel of Death and tries to scare Malone straight.

The movie itself starts off slowly and then builds as Grammar takes the reins in leading Malone through most of his life.  While Kevin Farley is a dead ringer for left wing filmmaker Michael Moore his performance falls mostly flat though that may me due more to an uneven script than Farley’s comedic ability.

In the end Malone changes his tune and all is well in America, but I’m afraid that this film doesn’t appear to have staying power as it just doesn’t match up to Zucker’s previous spoof movies.

It is rated PG-13 mainly for  foul language which isn’t necessary and much of that is spoken by small children which is even more unnecessary.

Conservatives who pinned their hopes that this movie would be a breakthrough for more films in the future are likely to be disappointed  and should save their money and wait for it to come out on video. At least it only cost me five bucks to see.