Americans for Prosperity held their second annual Defending the American Dream Summitt in Crystal City, VA this past weekend and it was all measures a rousing success. 

With well over 1,000 conservative activists from all over the country the attendees showed passion amd enthusiasm for the conservative cause.  The first day was chock full of training sessions on blogging, twittering and other web 2.0 technologies.  The second day featured a general session with Fred Barnes, John Fund, John Stossel and some other conservative leaders from across the country firing up the crowd with speeches on the election, the economy and fighting taxes and pork.

In the afternoon attendees has several concurrent panels to choose from including the AFP’s very own RightOnline panels discussing how to better use technology to get your message across.

I was privileged enough to participate in a panel with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Maggie Thurber of the Thurber’s Thoughts blog and winner of the AFP’s Blogger of the Year Award on Old Media and New Media.

We had a wide ranging discussion of whetheror not the old media was really truly dead or just slow to adapt and is new media better equipped for today’s world.  For the most part we were in agreement that the old media still has a role to play but is struggling in the current environment.

There were a large number of bloggers in attendance spurred by the fact that AFP provided free transportation from virtually anywhere in the country if they qualified.  It may have been an expensive proposition but I will bet that the press they received in return made it a very good investment indeed.