Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who called for an early election had his strategy partially vindicated as the ruling Conservative Party added another 15 seats in Parliament brnging them very close to the majority they so badly wanted.

Harper will still need to form a new government with one of the rivals parties but with 143 seats up from the previous number of 127 he will be dealing from a position of relative strength.  His party needed to capture 155 seats to have an outright majority.

The big loser in the election was the Liberal Party which had hoped to capitalize on sentiments in the U.S. to carry them to a potential victory.   However instead they had their worst election showing in 20 years and Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion will likely be pressured to resign or face a stiff challenge if he tries to retain his leadership post.

With this victory Harper gets another four years to govern though he may have to call an election before 2010, but he should have at least 2-3 years to continue his fight to reverse decades of socialist policies that were wreaking havoc on the Canadian economy.

With the Republicans in the U.S. in disarray perhaps they should be watching our neighbors to the north for some pointers as to how to win elections against liberal foes.