The final presidential debate Wednesday night turned out to be the debate conservatives had been waiting for almost.  John McCain who had spent the first two debates being overly polite to Barack Obama and enmeshed in talking points finally showed a little fire in the belly.

McCain spent most of the evening on the attack and looking rather confident as he hammered Obama on economic policy, Bill Ayers and health care.  Obama fr his part also appeared very confident but his goal during the debate was to hold steady and try not to lose any ground to McCain and he succeeded by reframing the questions rather than giving direct answers.

Overall McCain did win the debate though not by a large margin.  Yet when watching the television pundits or reading the newspapers yesterday it was as if the mainstream media had been watching a different debate.  I was tweeting  ( #debate08) the debate and there was an overwhelming number of Obama supporters on the site and maybe the media was taking their cue from them rather than objectively analyzing the debate.

There is no doubt that McCain could have done a better job particularly when the abortion and Supreme Court question came up.  He had an opportunity to make a definitive statement in support of the sanctity of life and how important it was to have Supreme Court justices who understood this and would apply the constitution rather than liberally interpret it.  Instead McCain talks about how proud he was to have put partisanship aside when he voted to confrim Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court.  I could sense the pro-life vote slipping away.

I am just glad that the debates are over and hope that McCain will spend the next 18 days hammering Obama for his liberal policies, his relationships with characters like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and his economic plan that would give people who don’t pay taxes a refund.  How responsible is that?

Obama is now trying to tell supporters not to get too confident and lower their expectations, but thanks to the media the Democrats have regained their momentum and if you thought the 2006 elections were a disaster then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.