The liberal media is all agog over the endorsement yesterday by Colin Powell of Democrat Barack Obama.  They saw it as a some type of historic shift when a black Republican and I use that term loosely endorses a candidate from the other party. But this is a superficial analysis.  Yes Colin Powell had an R by his name but it should be accompanied by a few more letters I-N-0 to reflect that he is truly a Republican In Name Only and has nothing in common with conservatives and their values.

For a long time conservatives have been suspicious of Powell given his pro-choice views and backtracking on the Iraq War claiming he too was misled by the Bush administration.

Now comes the black “Messiah” as he has been labeled and he has excited the masses without being held accountable for his ties to Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and ACORN.  Obama issues a statement distancing himself from these individuals or denying that he did business with them and all is well.  If this had been a Republican we would never hear the end of it.

Just like the liberal media Powell is giving Obama a pass and has thrown his support behind a man whose politics are even more liberal than his own.  For someone who has served his country so admirably this is a disturbing trend when otherwise smart people can be so easily duped by a candidate of the far left.

In the end the Powell endorsement won’t be a game changer.  While he is still a prominent and respected figure his previous public political pronouncements make this endorsement more of a yawn for conservatives who won’t lose any sleep over it.