October 2008

The liberal media is all agog over the endorsement yesterday by Colin Powell of Democrat Barack Obama.  They saw it as a some type of historic shift when a black Republican and I use that term loosely endorses a candidate from the other party. But this is a superficial analysis.  Yes Colin Powell had an R by his name but it should be accompanied by a few more letters I-N-0 to reflect that he is truly a Republican In Name Only and has nothing in common with conservatives and their values.

For a long time conservatives have been suspicious of Powell given his pro-choice views and backtracking on the Iraq War claiming he too was misled by the Bush administration.

Now comes the black “Messiah” as he has been labeled and he has excited the masses without being held accountable for his ties to Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and ACORN.  Obama issues a statement distancing himself from these individuals or denying that he did business with them and all is well.  If this had been a Republican we would never hear the end of it.

Just like the liberal media Powell is giving Obama a pass and has thrown his support behind a man whose politics are even more liberal than his own.  For someone who has served his country so admirably this is a disturbing trend when otherwise smart people can be so easily duped by a candidate of the far left.

In the end the Powell endorsement won’t be a game changer.  While he is still a prominent and respected figure his previous public political pronouncements make this endorsement more of a yawn for conservatives who won’t lose any sleep over it.

Oil prices have now dropped below $70 a barrel which is less than half of what they were in July and the silence from Congress and Fox News loudmouth Bill O’Reilly is deafening.

Back when oil prices were setting new records along with oil company profits the Democratically controlled congress wasted no time in calling oil company executives to testify as to why they were gouging the public.  The same goes for Bill O”Reilly who tried to ride some populist moral high horse and heaped scorn on more than one occasion as Exxon and other large oil companies wracked up horror of horror, record profits.  Imagine that, a business that is in business to make money actually practicing capitalism.

Now that oil prices have taken a nosedive and gas prices are dipping below $3 a gallon in many parts of the country, there is nary a peep from these dunderheads.  After all by their line of thinking if the oil companies can collude to forces prices up why can’t they put a floor on prices as well to prop up their profits?  Sounds criminal to me.

What the Democrats don’t understand and O’Reilly forgets is that this is the free market at work and we should leave it alone.  I own shares in Chevron and have watched as the stock zoomed to about $100 a share briefly this summer only to come crashing back down towards $60 as fears of a recession set in and the market panicked.  While I would rather recoup my lost paper profits I felt a great sense of satisfaction yesterday as I filled up the tank of my sedan yesterday and the total came to just under $40.  With the amount of driving that I do, this translates into a savings of several hundred dollars per year and I can take that to the bank.

The final presidential debate Wednesday night turned out to be the debate conservatives had been waiting for almost.  John McCain who had spent the first two debates being overly polite to Barack Obama and enmeshed in talking points finally showed a little fire in the belly.

McCain spent most of the evening on the attack and looking rather confident as he hammered Obama on economic policy, Bill Ayers and health care.  Obama fr his part also appeared very confident but his goal during the debate was to hold steady and try not to lose any ground to McCain and he succeeded by reframing the questions rather than giving direct answers.

Overall McCain did win the debate though not by a large margin.  Yet when watching the television pundits or reading the newspapers yesterday it was as if the mainstream media had been watching a different debate.  I was tweeting  (www.search.twitter.com #debate08) the debate and there was an overwhelming number of Obama supporters on the site and maybe the media was taking their cue from them rather than objectively analyzing the debate.

There is no doubt that McCain could have done a better job particularly when the abortion and Supreme Court question came up.  He had an opportunity to make a definitive statement in support of the sanctity of life and how important it was to have Supreme Court justices who understood this and would apply the constitution rather than liberally interpret it.  Instead McCain talks about how proud he was to have put partisanship aside when he voted to confrim Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court.  I could sense the pro-life vote slipping away.

I am just glad that the debates are over and hope that McCain will spend the next 18 days hammering Obama for his liberal policies, his relationships with characters like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and his economic plan that would give people who don’t pay taxes a refund.  How responsible is that?

Obama is now trying to tell supporters not to get too confident and lower their expectations, but thanks to the media the Democrats have regained their momentum and if you thought the 2006 elections were a disaster then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who called for an early election had his strategy partially vindicated as the ruling Conservative Party added another 15 seats in Parliament brnging them very close to the majority they so badly wanted.

Harper will still need to form a new government with one of the rivals parties but with 143 seats up from the previous number of 127 he will be dealing from a position of relative strength.  His party needed to capture 155 seats to have an outright majority.

The big loser in the election was the Liberal Party which had hoped to capitalize on sentiments in the U.S. to carry them to a potential victory.   However instead they had their worst election showing in 20 years and Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion will likely be pressured to resign or face a stiff challenge if he tries to retain his leadership post.

With this victory Harper gets another four years to govern though he may have to call an election before 2010, but he should have at least 2-3 years to continue his fight to reverse decades of socialist policies that were wreaking havoc on the Canadian economy.

With the Republicans in the U.S. in disarray perhaps they should be watching our neighbors to the north for some pointers as to how to win elections against liberal foes.

The presidential campaign took a nasty turn in Maryland when a local hotel erected a large McCain-Palin sign on their premises in a largely black area last week.

Last Sunday evening the Colony South Hotel and Conference Center located in Clinton, MD had the audacity of placing  a sign supporting the GOP presidential ticket in an area that is overwhelingly throwing it’s support to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

The backlash from the community was strong as incensed residents flooded the local NAACP office with phone calls expressing their anger and community activists began calling for a boycott of the hotel.

One community activist (or maybe a community organizer like Obama) told the Washington Post that people he spoke to saw the sign as a  “slap in the face” and was “blatant disrespect”.

Or as political professor Ron Walters of the University of Maryland  told the Post, the sign which was in “an area that  is strongly African American was like putting a stink bomb in the middle of the living room”.

So when a small business exercises its right to free speech, just because the speech doesn’t fit the community’s ideal of what that should be they should be punished with boycotts and name calliing?  On the other hand employees and businesses that openly flout their support of Barack Obama are praised for taking a stand.

The hotel has hosted events for many local Democrats over the years and apparently the residents just assumed that the owners were on their side idealogically which turned out to be a false assumption.  The general manager told the Post that the “last thing we want to do is to lose business”.  And to make sure that they don’t the sign was removed on Wednesday.

Instead of criticizing the hotel and calling for a boycott, the activists and the local NAACP should be educating the public that individuals and businesses have a right to support the candidate of their choice even if it goes against what is considered the community norm.  The same people who preach about ending discrimination and racism have practiced this very same thing against the hotel.

The  hotel should stand  its ground and not give in any further to the Obama bullies and their ilk.

Americans for Prosperity held their second annual Defending the American Dream Summitt in Crystal City, VA this past weekend and it was all measures a rousing success. 

With well over 1,000 conservative activists from all over the country the attendees showed passion amd enthusiasm for the conservative cause.  The first day was chock full of training sessions on blogging, twittering and other web 2.0 technologies.  The second day featured a general session with Fred Barnes, John Fund, John Stossel and some other conservative leaders from across the country firing up the crowd with speeches on the election, the economy and fighting taxes and pork.

In the afternoon attendees has several concurrent panels to choose from including the AFP’s very own RightOnline panels discussing how to better use technology to get your message across.

I was privileged enough to participate in a panel with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Maggie Thurber of the Thurber’s Thoughts blog and winner of the AFP’s Blogger of the Year Award on Old Media and New Media.

We had a wide ranging discussion of whetheror not the old media was really truly dead or just slow to adapt and is new media better equipped for today’s world.  For the most part we were in agreement that the old media still has a role to play but is struggling in the current environment.

There were a large number of bloggers in attendance spurred by the fact that AFP provided free transportation from virtually anywhere in the country if they qualified.  It may have been an expensive proposition but I will bet that the press they received in return made it a very good investment indeed.

For those of you that blog on a regular basis attending a seminar on blogs and using video probably is of little use.  But for activists attending this weekend’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington D.C. these semeinars and others like it are essential to train the base so that they can fight the left that has so effectively used the web to promote their variuos causes.

This morning I attended a “Blogging 101” course given by Robert Bluey, the Director of the Center for Media & Public Policy at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.  Bluey who at the age of 29 is a veteran in the blogging world is extremely knowledgeable and showed the audience how to start a blog, post an entry, add a picture or YouTube video and answered a host of questions.   I even picked a up a few things during the session as he used blogivists as the place to start a blog.  It was the first time I had seen this blog site which runs on a WordPress platform so it is very easy to use but geared to free marketeers.  Also since I have only started using WordPress recently I hadn’t looked into posting pictures and video and now I know how.  So watch out!

The second session was on using video and was taught by Mary Katherine Ham who is also another young veteran blogger and has worked for many conservative organizations in D.C.  She is currently with the Weekly Standard and appears regularly to discuss web related news and events on the O’Reilly Factor.

Her topic was how to use video and it was another useful lesson especially coming directly after Bluey’s beginner blog presentation.  Ham showed some of her favorite videos and talked a little about what type of equipment she uses and the length of the perfect video, somewhere between 30 seconds to two minutes.  If you look at most YouTube videos they rarely run more than three minutes and are often much shorter.  For the video audience they have to be.  The attention span of a YouTube user is very short so you have to hook them right away otherwise they will move on.  Producing the video by adding music or other graphics can really add to the video but it also increases the time spent editing the footage.  It can take anywhere from one to three hours or even more to get the video just right.  And yet the quality of YouTube videos is quite low so unless you are planning to use the video somewhere else it probably isn’t worth spending hours on to create a two or three minute version.

So today was all about training and these sessions and more were sponsored by the Leadership Institute in Arlington< VA.  Other training sessions included a Samsphere hosted by the Sam Adams Alliance which tends to be very techy but good amd some other training by the Lucy Burns Institute.

Tonight their is a dinner tribute ro Ronald Reagan and tomorrow we will hear from all sorts of conservative luminaries as well as panel sessions concerning Energy, Taxes and New Media to mention a few.

For more information on the summit visit the  Americans For Prosperity web site or follow the conference on twitter at #afp08.

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