While conservatives ponder living under an Obama presidency and Democratically controlled House and Senate, California liberals (read Hollywood) are stunned by the passage of a gay marriage ban in their state.

There is no doubt that the Obama candidacy brought out far more black and Latino voters than normal, but while that was good for the Democrats it was also bad for the supporters of gay marriage.

Exit polls showed that blacks voted for the ban by a whopping 70-30  percent margin and Latino’s by a smaller 51-49 percentage.  With white voters mostly favoring gay marriage there is no doubt among experts that the black vote was the key to victory for supporters of Prop 8.

If you think of it though it makes perfect sense.  Blacks and Latino’s are more liberal in general on economic issues but tend to be more socially conservative than white Democrats.

This has to do that most blacks are very religious at their core and are faithful churchgoers where they have been taught that marriage is between a man and a woman.  The same can be said for most Latino’s who tend to be mostly Catholic and much more traditional in their viewpoints than white Catholics.

Couple the California victory with that of similar measures in Florida and Arizona, the gay adoption ban in Alabama and the ending of affirmative action in three other states and conservatives actually have something to celebrate.

For the Democrats and President-Elect Obama they should be mindful that just because these groups voted for them and generally agree with their policies that if they dare to tread into highly charged social issues like gay marriage they will  be in for a rude surprise.