The backlash from the recently passed Prop 8 initiative in California banning gay marriage may claim the ultraliberal and gay friendly Sundance Film Festival in Utah as one of its first victims.

This is due to the suggestion of John Aravosis, editor of the liberal Americablog who suggested recently that the state of Utah be boycotted to punish the Mormon Church for supporting Prop 8.

For the festival’s organizers, the non-profit Sundance Institute founded by Robert Redford the boycott would present a major challenge as it is their major fund raiser for the year.

The next festival is scheduled for January and is expected to attract 50,000 people who pay up to $3,000 for admission to screenings and events and pumped an estimated $59.6 million into the Utah economy in 2007.

Americablog’s Aravosis brushes off any criticism about the boycott’s potential effect on a liberal organization by saying that is is unfurtunate that Sundance is located in a really bad state.

What Aravosis and other liberals fail to realize is that the Mormon Church may be the dominant religion in the state but a boycott will punish people of all faiths who have come to Utah after fleeing expensive states like California and Washington.  This has led to a lessening of both the Church’s influence politically as well as a rise in a more liberal attitude in cities like Salt Lake and Park City.

I would like to see Aravosis and his liberal friends try to convince Hollywood stars that own homes in Park City agree to boycott the state.

To complicate matters for Sundance the CEO of the Cinemark movie chain contributed $10,000 to the Prop 8 effort.  The theater where the Sundance films are screened just happen to be owned by Cinemark, and there are no other options for the fetsival so they may face protestors come next January.

In the end those that fought against Prop 8 and lost are sore losers.  The voters spoke and now they have chosen to use threats, intimidation and anything else that they can think of to reverse the result.  Since when does the will of the minority take precedence over the majority?