The list of culprits that contribute to global warming just got a little longer with the addition of video games according to a new report produced by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) , a New York based environmental organization.

According to the study conducted with the help of Ecos Consulting in Portland, OR, video game consoles are some of the biggest energy wasters consuming an estimated 16 billion killowatt hours of electricity per year- which is roughly the annual electicity usage of the city of San Diego.

The report not only attacks the energy use of the consloes themselves range from 20 watts for the Nintendo Wii to 150 watts for the Sony Playstation 3,  but states that if the systems were left on all the time that they would consume enough electricity to power two refigerators for one year.

To be honest I am all for saving energy.  I go around my home and turn off lights and unplug cell phone chargers at every opportunity.  Now I don’t profess to know how many people with video games leave their systems on all the time, but it doesn’t happen in my household and I doubt that it occurs as often as the authors of this study estimate.

I will give the NRDC credit though for picking on an industry that is ripe for attack.  With an estimated 92 percent of children between two to 17 playing video games, what better place than to develop the next generation of global warming scaremongers?

This will be an interesting battle as games become more complex and feature laden they like computers will require even more power.  Will the children be willing to trade the improvement of games and entertainment over dubious claims of saving the environment?  I think the environmentalists may have crossed the line and will face a stiff backlash from children everywhere.