Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) who was forced into an unexpected runoff soundly defeated his Democratic opponent Jim Martin by winning an estimated 59% of the votes yesterday.

Thus ends the hopes of teh Democrats to form a filibuster proof majority in the next Senate, and at the same time underscores the effect Barack Obama had on the race in November.

Last month voter turnout was 68% of registered voters compared to about 20% yesterday.

Even with the possibility of gaining enough seats to fend off the Republicans next year in the Senate, Obama decided not to make  visit to the state to stump for Martin electing to record a radio ad and an automated phone message for the Democratic candidate.

The results were far worse than the Democrats had predicted and exposed the fact that Martin was a very weak candidate who never should have made it this far in the political process.  It was as if the voters finally woke up and said they needed to right the wrong that was perpetrated on them on November 4 and that giving the Democrats a super majority would be a disaster.

The GOP hasn’t had much to smile about lately and they deserve a chance to savor this solid victory, but the work is far from done and this is just one election and with just 41 Senators left on the R side they have their work cut out for them.