I only watched the last 10 minutes of the RNC Chairman debate on C-Span last night, but that was more than enough for me  to be able to say that Mike Duncan may be a nice guy but he needs to go.

Maybe it’s my bias towards using technology to communicate and build a movement, but when Duncan was asked about Twitter, Facebook and MySpace all he could say was that he had a blog and that the RNC had a blog.  Sorry Mike, but you are a dinosaur when it comes to tech and that won’t do.  No wonder Obama cleaned the GOP’s clock last year.  They were being led by a technologial dweeb.

Technology isn’t and shouldn’t be the overriding concern for RNC members when they vote in 3 weeks but they shouldn’t discount it either.  On the tech side I would say that Saul Anuzis and Chip Saltsman have the edge with Ken  Blackwell close behind.  One thing I have noticed is that at least with Blackwell if you friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter that he is likely to reciprocate.  Steele is also good on this.  Anuzis and Saltsman get an F for reciprocating.  What’s wrong Saul and Chip?  Are you so smug as to think that people will want to be your friend or follow you and that you don’t need to do the same?  If that’s their idea of team building you can count me out.

I realize that it was only 10 minutes but it looks like Jaton Dawson the SC GOP Chairman might be the dark horse candidate that Duncan should worry about.  He comes from the south and is well spoken, understands technology and can probably bring the various factions together.  Saltsman has been unfairly tainted by the uproar over his decision to send the RNC members a copy of Paul Shanklin’s parodies featuring one called “Barack the Magic Negro”.  Steele is a goo man, but has really been a moderate Republican most of his life and as far as I am concerned he still is.  Blackwell is a solid conservative, but doesn’t have a stellar record in winning elections and seems a little too laid back.  Anuzis would be an asset since he hails from the Midwest, but I was concerned about his slips of the tongue last night when he said Democrat twice instead of Republican when referring to his own background.  Maybe it’s not a big deal but this was in his closing statement.

In reality, none of these men would be the ideal candidate as far as I am concerned and since I don’t have a vote my opinion is just that.   If the RNC members re-elect Duncan it will be seen as a reward for failure and a signal that 2010 won’t be any better than 2008.  Barack Obama won on the platform of hope and change.  For the RNC Chairman  I hope that they will make a change.