Normally I wouldn’t spend any time writing about sports, but with the BCS championship game taking place tonight and the fact that the national champion will emerge with having lost one game this year I thought I’d throw my two cents into the ring.

Actually the main reason I feel the need to comment is that Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is investigating whether or not the BCS system violates anti-trust provisions which will prevent Utah from being crowned the national champion.

This is ridiculous! My father was born in Utah and attended the U in the1940’s.  I have cousins and other relatives to attend various Utah colleges and universities and my own children attend BYU.  Yet despite my obvious ties to Utah, I think Shurtleff is off his rocker.  What is a politician doing wading into the business of college football?

Everyone knows that teh BCS system is flawed, and this year the flaws were particularly acute as one team after another ascended to the No. 1 position during the season only to lose  and hope that they would be given a second chance.  Utah never reached the pinnacle in the polls , but fought well and hard to gain their top 10 and well deserved ranking.  They did bolster their case by thoroughly beating Alabama last month in the Sugar Bowl but that was just one game where top teams often falter against lesser opponents for some reason and isn’t a fair test of how good a team is. After all it has always been referred to as a mythical championship since it based on one game with teams selected by a system few people understand.

The BCS system has now taken what was once an enjoyable bowl season and turned it into a very dull affair.  I normally would have watched part or all of the major bowl games, but between the lackluster matchups and a schedule that defied all reason I saw only a few games and I don’t feel like I missed anything.

To be fair, Utah deserves to be rated in the top 5 when the final polls come out, but until they play the likes of Texas, Florida, Oklahoma or USC we really won’t know how good the team is or could have been.