People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is at it again using sexy ads to try and convince people that vegetarians attract sexier partners.

In this case the ads which feature women in sexy lingerie playing with various veggies was supposedly targeted for the Super Bowl this coming Sunday but was rejected by NBC for being too sexually explicit.

An NBC spokesperson told the Washington Post that the ad was rejected because it did not conform to their standards. Yet according to one source PETA apparently asked for the network to give them specific edits so the ad would conform to its standards.  NBC complied and PETA ignored them and then used the rejection to generate publicity for the ads.

With the cost of an ad on Sunday going for some $3 million, it is highly unlikely that PETA was serious about advertising during the Super Bowl.  According to their 2007 990 form filed with the IRS, PETA’s revenue was about $28 million and they  had a  $200,000 deficit that year.   Even with $16 million in net assets the cost of the ad is prohibitive especially in this economy.

It is interesting to note that PETA which rails against people who wear fur, eat meat etc… has had to resort to the exploitation of women to try and get their message across and they are unrepentant about it.

And where are the feminist groups that continually rail about using women as sex objects?  They are staying quiet because except for the ads they agree politically with PETA.

Just one more example of left wing hypocrisy.