The media is all abuzz with the latest blog entry by Meghan McCain on The Daily Beast complaining about what she perceives as the wrongful elevation of Ann Coulter as the face of women in the Republican party.

I can understand McCain’s frustration with making Ann the poster child of the party.  Coulter shoots from the hip and is an equal opportunity offender often making even her most loyal supporters cringe at times.  McCain though is wrong when she tries to disparage Coulter’s popularity at CPAC by saying she didn’t have any real competition.  If McCain had actually ever been to a CPAC before she would have seen that when Ann appears the conference virtually comes to a complete standstill.  I have been in the exhibit hall in years past where you can’t walk anywhere because the crowd around the closed circuit television is so large that they block access to the rest of the hall.  Or when it’s time for her book signing and the line stretches out the door.  It’s hard for McCain to fathom this though since she has only been a Republican for less than a year and even voted for John Kerry for heaven’s sake.

McCain seems more upset that Coulter said during the campaign that Hillary Clinton was the more conservative than her father.  I agree that giving Hillary the nod over McCain wasn’t helpful, but Coulter was just reminding Republicans that a vote for McCain was a vote for a moderate and that he wouldn’t govern that much differently than a Democrat.  Only when he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate did he gain some credibility with the conservatives, and even then they were suspicious.

What I don’t understand is why a smart girl like McCain, she graduated from Columbia University in 2007 is doing picking a fight with a best selling tart tongued author that has a tremendous following.  If Meghan and Ann were to have some sort of face-off Ann would chew her up and spit her out in record time.

McCain should quit picking on those that she can’t win a fight with and making herself look more like her father and  concentrate on her social life that she recently complained about.  There must be a pro gay marriage  male young Republican out there somewhere who would be willing to take a chance.