The Tax Foundation has just released their 2009 Survey of U.S. Attitudes on Taxes, Government Spending and Wealth Distribution and the report shows that Americans opinions on tax issues have not changed markedly since their last study in 2007.

Among the findings from a Harris Interactive poll conducted in February 2009 on behalf of the Tax Foundation  of 2,002 adults aged 18 or over are these;

· 56% of U.S. adults believe that taxes are too high.

· 85% of adults think the tax code is too complex

· 67% favor the complete elimination of the federal income tax

· 56% oppose taxes on “junk food”

While the general attitudes toward taxes may not have changed much in the last two years the survey continues to show widespread disapproval of our current tax system.

With the Republicans out of power until at least 2010 and maybe much longer any hope opponents of the current system had for the implementation of a flat tax or some other alternative method is dead for the time being.

On April 13th we celebrated Tax Freedom Day which theoretically marks the day Americans have earned enough in income to cover their tax burden for the year.

Today while millions of people are furiously finishing their tax returns before the midnight deadline there will hopefully be tens of thousands of people holding TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties across the country to show the government how fed up Americans are with the current tax system.

Taxes have become a necessary evil to fund many government services and will probably never totally disappear no matter how outraged taxpayers become. But Americans must fight to make the system one that is both fair and equal and shielded from the grubby hands of politicians who can’t resist spending our hard earned money on wasteful programs.