On April 19th at the Miss USA pageant a new hero of the family values movement was crowned in the form of Miss California Carrie Prejean.

During the crucial question and answer portion of the pageant Prejean had the misfortune of being quizzed by gay blogger Perez Hilton who asked her whether or not she thought that all states should mirror states like Vermont and California  and legalize these unions.

In response Prejean said , “I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other … same sex marriage or opposite marriage,” then added, “I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman … that’s how I was raised.”

Instead of finding her answer honest and refreshing Hilton and the other politically correct judges crowned Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton the new Miss USA who to this day hasn’t commented on how she feels about same-sex marriage so she can remain a viable commodity in the eyes of pageant officials.

For Prejean the fallout has been mostly positive as she has become a media sensation and appearing at public events with groups opposed to gay marriage which sparked the state pageant officials to consider dethroning her for supposedly violating her contract.

Then yesterday came the fake drama when Donald Trump announced that Prejean would keep her title after all.

My first reaction to the controversy was that it was great to see someone stand up for their values even if they were politically incorrect.  But after photos surfaced of Prejean only partially clad for some underwear photos from several years ago and the revelation that she had breast implants I began to wonder why the conservatives, especially the family values groups would embrace her so readily.

Yes, she espoused their viewpoint on gay marriage, but she also claimed to be a Christian and that means living your values every day even if it means making professional sacrifices.  For me the photos were an example of a young woman more interested in her career than her faith and she only compounded that by getting the breast implants.  She obviously saw the pageant as nothing more than a women as sex objects contest and abandoned any pretense of Chritianity by seeking to augment her physical assets.

Prejean has capitalized on the controversy both pro and con and Donald Trump who owns the Miss USA pageant has been basking in all the attention on an event that is usually just a news footnote.  More publicity for the Donald will equal more money for the Donald.

It’s time that the media and the conservative movement move on and find something worthwhile to talk about and let Carrie Prejean fade to black as soon as possible.