July 2009

As the month of July comes to an end many cities around the country are experiencing the unexpected in cooler than normal temperatures.

Recorded temperatures through July 17th in New York City are 4.4 degrees below normal with the hottest day only reaching 85 degrees.  If the temperature doesn’t top 90 degrees at least one day in the last two weeks of the month it will mark the first time that has happened since 1996.

Washington,  D.C. is experiencing a similarly cooler than normal July with temperatures running about 4 degrees below normal and having topped the 90 degree mark just 5 times as of last Sunday.

Other cities that are enjoying a more pleasant summer are Memphis which is on track to record its seventh coolest July since 1850 and Cleveland where temperatures are running 2.5 degrees below normal.  In Bluefield, West Virginia the airport even recorded a record low temperature one night this month.

So what does all this mean? That maybe just maybe temperatures vary over time bringing us hotter than normal summers or cooler than normal winters and therefore lend credence to the theory that global warming or climate change is a myth.

It is interesting to note that as much of the country experiences a much milder summer than expected advocates for global warming measures have been strangely silent.  Yet if they were really interested in global warming they should be elated at the cooler temperatures since that means fewer air conditioners running which translates to lower energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Normally the media is replete with stories of suffering and death due to the hot weather in the summer and making the link to global warming.  But now that temperatures aren’t breaking any records on the upside the media has strangely lost interest in the weather as they watch the global warming bubble burst.

ESPN’s blonde bombshell sideline reporter Erin Andrews has certainly been receiving plenty of shall I say exposure lately over a video psoted recently on the internet where she is seen prancing nude in her hotel room.

The video was apparently shot using some type of peephole camera and was clearly a violation of Andrews’ privacy and while she is probably a heck of a lot more popular than before the video release she is also that much more embarrassed.

The worst part about this though is that the media actually considers this news.  And it is their voyeurism that has pushed this story to the front of the sports pages as well as spreading like wildfire through the internet.

Why should we care what someone does in their hotel room?  Would this be a story if Al Michaels was filmed doing the same thing?  Not that anybody would want to watch that but I think you get the point.

For me this is much ado about nothing but for Andrews it could ultimately derail her career and that would be a shame.

The Obama administration’s attempt to revive the economy by increased government spending has resulted in the federal deficit topping the $1 trillion level for the first time.

According to the Treasury Department the June deficit was $94.3 billion pushing the current year total to $1.09 trillion with 3 months remaining in the budget year.  The administration is expecting the total deficit to come in at $1.84 trillion but that may be optimistic based on how the economy is performing.

And so far the economy isn’t cooperating.  The White House pushed for and received a $787 billion stimulus program and the money has been trickling into the economy at such a slow pace that not only has the unemployment rate risen to 26-year high but there is now talk of a second stimulus package.

Obama and the Democrats seem to be wedded to the idea that increased government spending is the only way out of this recession.  But the only thing we have to show for all the taxpayer money being spent is a record deficit that is expected to grow larger, possibly to $2 trillion before it heads lower.

Add to that the fact that overseas investors especially from China who have been large buyers of U.S. government debt are now getting nervous that their once safe investments may not be so safe after all as the deficit soars.

Apparently the administration isn’t too concerned about the long term damage that their policies are inflicting on our economy.  Maybe, just maybe some of the government spending will actually spur some parts of the economy back to life, but at what cost?  Our national debt is already at $11.5 trillion and growing fast.   As interest rates will likely rise when the economy does eventually recover the cost of servicing that debt will soar further crippling the U.S.   A vicious cycle to be sure.

Instead of the real hope and change that the Obama promised he would deliver if elected we are getting more of the same tax and spend policies that Democrats love.

Buddy can you spare a trillion?

As expected the Minnesota Supreme Court yesterday declared Democrat Al Franken the winner of the long disputed Senate race ousting incumbent Norm Coleman.

With this decision all that is left is for Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty to sign the election certification and Franken can claim his seat next week when the Senate returns to business.

In an era of increased scrutiny over election fraud this race now stands above all others for the way that the recount process was handled and in effect turned what should have been a Coleman victory into a narrow defeat.

On election night Coleman led Franken by just 725 votes out of 2.9 million triggering a recount.  After the initial canvass Coleman was still ahead by 215 votes and that set the Franken lawyers into overdrive.

Through a long and tedious process Franken’s lawyers managed to get disqualified votes counted for the Democrat while Coleman lost votes.

Then there was the case of the absentee ballots that numbered in the thousands that the Franken team claimed had been mistakenly rejected.  Thanks to their efforts another 1,350 absentee ballots from Franken friendly areas were added to the count while Coleman gained but a handful.  When the dust settled Franken was now on top by 312 votes.

It isn’t a surprise that the court ruled the way they did.  They really didn’t have a choice unless they were willing to completely overhaul the Minnesota election system which courts are loathe to do.

In the end Franken was able to steal a U.S. Senate seat by manipulating the system and taking advantage of uneven standards across the state that few were willing to admit existed.

After the court verdict Coleman told reporters that “Ours is a nation of laws, not men and women,” and that he respected the court’s decision and would abide by it.

Unfortunately for Coleman in this case justice didn’t prevail and he is now an ex-Senator.