ESPN’s blonde bombshell sideline reporter Erin Andrews has certainly been receiving plenty of shall I say exposure lately over a video psoted recently on the internet where she is seen prancing nude in her hotel room.

The video was apparently shot using some type of peephole camera and was clearly a violation of Andrews’ privacy and while she is probably a heck of a lot more popular than before the video release she is also that much more embarrassed.

The worst part about this though is that the media actually considers this news.  And it is their voyeurism that has pushed this story to the front of the sports pages as well as spreading like wildfire through the internet.

Why should we care what someone does in their hotel room?  Would this be a story if Al Michaels was filmed doing the same thing?  Not that anybody would want to watch that but I think you get the point.

For me this is much ado about nothing but for Andrews it could ultimately derail her career and that would be a shame.