As the month of July comes to an end many cities around the country are experiencing the unexpected in cooler than normal temperatures.

Recorded temperatures through July 17th in New York City are 4.4 degrees below normal with the hottest day only reaching 85 degrees.  If the temperature doesn’t top 90 degrees at least one day in the last two weeks of the month it will mark the first time that has happened since 1996.

Washington,  D.C. is experiencing a similarly cooler than normal July with temperatures running about 4 degrees below normal and having topped the 90 degree mark just 5 times as of last Sunday.

Other cities that are enjoying a more pleasant summer are Memphis which is on track to record its seventh coolest July since 1850 and Cleveland where temperatures are running 2.5 degrees below normal.  In Bluefield, West Virginia the airport even recorded a record low temperature one night this month.

So what does all this mean? That maybe just maybe temperatures vary over time bringing us hotter than normal summers or cooler than normal winters and therefore lend credence to the theory that global warming or climate change is a myth.

It is interesting to note that as much of the country experiences a much milder summer than expected advocates for global warming measures have been strangely silent.  Yet if they were really interested in global warming they should be elated at the cooler temperatures since that means fewer air conditioners running which translates to lower energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Normally the media is replete with stories of suffering and death due to the hot weather in the summer and making the link to global warming.  But now that temperatures aren’t breaking any records on the upside the media has strangely lost interest in the weather as they watch the global warming bubble burst.