ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis came to Washington D.C. this week as part of what she called her “set the record straight tour” but sounded more like a “don’t blame me tour” to many in the audience.

Lewis whose organization has come under fire for voter registration irregularities and more recently for workers who advised a fake pimp and prostitute on how they could set up a house of prostitution with ACORN’s help passed most of the blame to her predecessor who left after allegedly embezzling $5 million from the organization.

According to Lewis workers who broke the law by falsifying voter registration cards were actually reported by ACORN to the authorities and blamed them for not prosecuting the violators rather than address any laxity in ACORN”s hiring policy.

When addressing the foreclosure crisis Lewis said that had the financial institutions followed ACORN’s guidelines which she claimed advised only issuing sound loans there wouldn’t have been a crisis.  But it is the very same Community Reinvestment Act that Lewis cites as the solution to affordable housing for low income people that fueled the problem as banks were forced to make loans that didn’t follow sound business practices.

Lewis accused those that attacked her organization as being a part of a modern day ACORN McCarthyism and that only last week members of Congress were asked if they were or have ever been a member of ACORN to back up her claim.  It sounds good but I doubt that it was true

As for the lawsuit ACORN has filed against filmmakers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles Lewis said that “Nothing trumps breaking the law”, and pooh poohed any notion that that what they uncovered was important.  In other words discovering that an organization that depends on government taxpayer dollars employs people who are willing to break the law to help set up a house of prostitution is not germane

If one were to believe Lewis ACORN is nothing more than an innocent victim of some misguided employees and opponents who want to see them fail.

For the rest of us we know better.