The White House press corps who complained loudly and vociferously about the lack of press conferences held by President Bush are now in the uncomfortable situation of repeating that charge but instead of Bush it is their own favorite son Barack Obama that’s the culprit.

According to the New York Times until a recent impromptu press conference that was held in response to the media’s complaints Obama hadn’t held a formal press conference in over seven months.  That was a longer period than either Jimmy Carter or George Bush had gone without one.

The Times also noted that in his first year in office Obama has taken questions from the pool spray 47 times compared to 147 times for Bush and 252 times for Clinton in the comparable time periods.

While I don’t think for a minute that the press would take Bush over Obama if they were given the choice they didn’t realize in general how good they had it compared to the current administration.

Rather than give the White House press corps the unfettered access they expected when he was elected in 2008, Obama has chosen to take a more measured approach by granting a large number of one on one interviews.

These interviews have by and large help burnish Obama’s image as cool, collected and thoughtful and not someone who isn’t comfortable in public without the aid of a teleprompter as we have seen on many occasions.

While Chris “I feel a thrill going up my leg” Matthews is still firmly in the Obama camp the cracks are starting to show with liberals in the press.

Just look at this tweet from Mark Knoller of CBS News.

Sounds a little like the media is playing a game of Where’s Waldo? with Obama.

The pen (or the keyboard) is still mightier than the sword  and if Obama continues to avoid the White House press corps he may just wind up falling on his.