The green energy movement which preaches that they want to save the planet by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and thus our carbon footprint has hit a wall recently as more and more people realize that their is a very real cost to being green.

Case in point is my local utility Washington Gas.  They sent a letter to their customers promoting their Clean Steps Wind Power solution. 

According to the letter customers are currently receiving 5% of their electricity from wind power but now have a chance to increase that to 100%. 

By switching to wind power every customer will be using the equivalent of 700 fewer gallons of gasoline  per year.

I have to admit that sounds pretty good.  Who wouldn’t want to save gasoline and multiplied the utility’s customer base that could be a very significant number.  To date the company has convinced over 10,000 customers to make the switch.

Now there is just one tiny catch to this do good policy.  To switch you have to agree to pay for the privilege.

If you want 50% wind energy then it will cost an extra $10 per month, at 100% an extra $20 per month.

That’s just what I want to do in the midst of a recession is to increase my energy costs.  Thanks but no thanks.

Yes the green energy movement wants us to “save the planet” by opening up our wallets to pay for the privilege.  Just look at solar energy.  It would be totally dead in the water if it wasn’t for government subsidies.  And remember T. Boone Pickens’ wind scheme of just a couple of years ago?  He wanted to build a massive wind farm in the midwest but it collapsed as oil prices fell and the inability to get the government to agree to subsidize the building of transmission lines.  Even a billionaire like Pickens was lining up at the government trough.

By the way if they really wanted to give me clean energy offer me nuclear power which is cheap and effcicient. Then we can talk.

I will do something for the environment though as a result of this mailing.  The letter and envelope it came in will be deposited in my paper recycling bin so it can be reborn in yet another letter pushing another green scheme in the future.