Three months ago Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) in an interview with The Hill that the November elections would likely weed out the some of the “most difficult Democrats” that the leadership has had to contend with this Congress.

Waxman the soon to be former chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee was also optimistic that the Democrats would retain control of Congress proving that either his crystal ball was a little cloudy or that he was in denial about the impending doom his party faced.

Well at least he got it half right.

In the interview Waxman also hinted that he won’t miss his soon to be departed colleagues  when he told The Hill that he thought  that he thought that a lot of the House seats that the Democrats were going to lose were those “who have been the toughest for the Democrats to pull into line — the Democrats that have been the most difficult.”

The “diificult Democrats” Waxman was referring to have often been referred to as “Blue Dogs” for bening far more conservative than the majority of the House Democrats and for their tendency to side with the GOP on many issues.  It was their support that made it difficult for the Pelosi led Congress to ram through the Obama agenda and expend a great deal of politcal capital to get the health care bill passed after numerous attempts.

On Tuesday the voters made Waxman’s wish come true by voting out a large number of “Blue Dog” Democrats along with other more liberal members and in doing so reduced him to minority status.
Maybe next time Waxman will be a little more careful in what he wishes for.