In an interview on WNYC  in May 2009  James Carville aka the Ragin’ Cajun predicted that the Democrats would rule and reign for a long time to come.

I admit that sfter the 2008 elections things looked pretty bleak for the GOP but by the time Carville gave this interview CNBC’s Rick Santelli had called for a tea party and several events had already taken place showing public unrest with the proposed Obama agenda.

Carville obviously didn’t take the Tea Party very seriously as he spoke about how difficult it would be for the GOP to find new people to run.  Well maybe the Republicans didn’t enthusiastically recruit members of the Tea Party to run for office but run they did and infused the party with the enthusiasm it has been lacking since the days of Ronald Reagan.

The mainstream media is still in love with Carville whose main claim to fame is his role as the campaign manager for Bill Clinton in 1992.  But since that time the few domestic campaigns he has advised on like John Kerry in 2004 and Hillary Clinton in 2008 have not been successful but yet he is still in demand for his political expertise.

Maybe one of the problems the Democrats had this year is that they listened too much to people like Carville who believed that voters would not abandon the party just four years after handing the control of Congress and two years after giving them the White House.

But the voters did leave the Democrats in the dust and Carville will be wise to wait awhile before he makes any more 40 year Democratic dominance predictions.