Bristol Palin the teenage mom turned abstinence speaker has burnished her image with her appearance on this season’s Dancing with the Stars.

Palin who isn’t a very talented dancer has slowly improved as the season has progressed and defied media critics who felt that her appearance was nothing more than a ratings ploy by the producers.

Yet Bristol has shown a sweet innocence as she both struggles to learn the dance routines but also how to remain modest in her appearance on a show known for some of the skimpiest on network television an in the process has won the hearts of many Americans.

Up to this point I can’t argue too much with the fact that she is still in the running for the cheesy mirror ball trophy but now that there are only four dancers left the pressure will intensify as she won’t be able to rely on the sympathy for her youth , inexperience (and her mom)  to get her to the finals.

While she has been an adequate dancer I have no doubt that the main reason she has survived this long has been largely due to her mother’s supporters who want to see this young conservative win the whole enchilada.

There is no doubt that Sarah Palin looms large over the show this year as she has made several appearances to support Bristol and even though she can be a lightning rod in the world of politics it may just turn out that her overall popularity and fan base wll carry Bristol to the top despite her shortcomings as a dancer.

I would prefer the best dancer win but a small part of me is rooting for Bristol.