The firestorm over Bristol Palin’s advance into the finals on Dancing With The Stars continues with reports of voter fraud by Palin fans and a viewer boycott by those that aren’t happy with Tuesday’s results.

For those that are concerned with voter fraud on a reality show I ask- Where have you been?  DWTS isn’t the only program that asks viewers to vote for their favorite performers and yet it is now the focus of unhappy (and mostly liberal) anger.  It would be nice if they were this concerned about real voter fraud in political elections.

But these accusations are nothing more than sour grapes from those that have been caught offguard by the huge outpouring of support for Bristol.

As reported in the Washington Post the best summation of why Palin has made it thus far came from her dance partner Mark Ballas when he addressed the media on the subject.

“Obviously, you guys thought Brandy should have gone through,” Ballas said to the gaggle, according to TMZ video of the incident. “Did you vote?” he asked. Those members of the media who answered said they had not. “Well, then!” Mark shot back. Bristol has made it to the finals, he said, “because she’s relatable. . . . She’s the most normal person we’ve ever had on the show. . . . She’s not an entertainer, she’s not a dancer, she’s not a singer, she’s not an actress. . . . I think people at home who have their normal lives are like, ‘If I was on the show, that’s how I would be, so I want to vote and see how, if I was to compete on the show, what it would be like,’ ” Ballas speculated.

The media can’t get over that Bristol has won American’s hearts and is worried that a Bristol win will a feel good story for the Palin family that they would rather not have to report on given their disdain for her mother.

It’s anyone’s guess who will win the cheesy mirror ball trophy but one thing is for sure and that is that Bristol has already beaten the liberal media with her appearance and that is worthy of a prize in and of itself.