Political correctness in Hollywood has struck again with the latest target being the Narnia books written by C..S. Lewis. 

Actor Liam Neeson who provides the voice for Aslan is now stating that the character doesn’t necessarily represent Christ but a Christlike figure and therefore could also be the prophet Mohammed or Buddha.

Needless to say Narnia fans are up in arms about this revisionism by Neeson pointing out that Lewis in writing about Aslan described him as ” an invention giving an imaginary answer to the question: “What might Christ become like if there really were a world like Narnia?”.”

No reference to any other figure by Lewis there.

According to a report in The Telegraph  Neeson said: “Aslan symbolises a Christlike figure, but he also symbolises for me Mohammed, Buddha and all the great spiritual leaders and prophets over the centuries.

“That’s who Aslan stands for as well as a mentor figure for kids – that’s what he means for me.”

This comeas a wuite a surpirse for Walter Hooper, Lewis’s former secretary and a trustee of his estate, who told The Telegraph that the author would have been angered by Neeson’s comments and that Lewis made it very clear that the Narnian story is about Christ. 

Neeson is entitled to his opinion but the timing of his statement on the eve of the third  Narnia movie’s release is odd to say the least.  He should be helping to drive people to the movie but could wind up alienating the very audience the movie is targeting.

If “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” does well maybe the producers can look for a new voice for Aslan, one who actually understands what the books are about.