Left wing filmmaker Michael Moore tells Anderson  Cooper that the Tea Party won’t be able to do anything in the new Congress and that Republicans are planning on turning back the clock.

At least that is what Moore is hoping will happen or in this case won’t happen.  While it is true that the Democrats still control the Senate they do with by a much narrower margin than in the last Congress giving the Republicans a decent chance of geting at some of their legislative agenda passed. 

Even if Obama vetoes everything the Republicans pass they will have at least met their moral obligation to the voters who elected them and put pressre on the Democrats as we head into the crucial 2012 elections.

The real key will be for the Republicans to stick together as they did for much of the last Congress and leverage their new found power instead of wilting as the Senate did in the lame duck session and breathing new life into the Obama administration.

Today will either mark the start of a new era in politics or a return to the same old same old.  For the sake of the country I hope it will be the former and not the latter.