Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat down with CNN’s John King for an interview and criticized the Republicans for being inconsistent and hypocritical since they took control of Congress on Wednesday.

If Pelosi was expecting the Republicans to play nice-nice with them then she really is delusional especially after the way she ran Congress for the last four years running roughshod over the GOP at every turn.

Pelosi makes it seem as if all the Republicans who railed against Obamacare made a pledge to reject government insurance if they were elected.  In fact there were very few candidates that made this pledge.  What they did say was they would vote to repeal Obamacare.

Frankly I don’t blame Democrats or Republicans from accepting the government run health care as it is far superior to what they could get in the private sector.  What they should be doing is not putting themselves above their constituents and creating programs that are better than what the general public can buy or that cost taxpayers more money.

As the Speaker Pelosi was an imperious leader and she shows no signs of backing down from the leadership style that eventually cost the Democrats control of the House and her the top job in Congress.

Remember that 19 Democrats voted against her as the Speaker on Tuesday in a protest to her leadership.  What is even more interesting is that this number was higher than the 13 that bucked the Democrats on Obamacare revealing a chink in the armor.  Rather than criticize the GOP from the get go Pelosi should be trying to mend the fences with her disaffected fellow members before the entire Democrat coalition comes tumbling down.