The green energy push by Massachusetts goverenor Deval Patrick took several steps backwards when Evergreen Solar announced it would be shutting its nearly new plant in March.

Evergreen Solar which employed 800 people at a former military base in Devens attributed the closing to weak demand and cheaper suppliers in China who are heavily subsidixed by the government.

For Patrick the closing is a big black eye on a project he trumpeted despite opposition from the legislature for giving Evergreen $58 million in incentivesto build the plant in Massachusetts during a recession.

Now the state is faced with having  to figure out  if they can recover any of the money spent from Evergreen and how to make use of the space they will be vacating.  Instead of generating tax revenues the impending layoff of 800 employees will probably increase the state’s welfare burdens going forward and add to its 8.2 % unemployment rate.

Patrick who is a friend of president Obama has also taken on his green jobs mantra and spent heavily in this case for something that has blown up spectacularly in his face.

Liberals like Obama and Patrick have become big believers tha green jobs would be the saving grace for the sputtering American job market only to find out that demand for green energy is weak to non-existent and that companies in China can easily undercut U.S. companies.

Evergreen thinks it may have to repay the state $3 to $4 million as aresult of clawback provisions in their aid agreement but considering that the state gave them 14-19 time that much  money Massachusetts  taxpayers are the real losers here.