The State Department tried to pull a fast one on the American public when they announced quietly in December that new passport applications would replace Mother and Father with Parent 1 and Parent 2. 

After word leaked out about the change last week the State Department made a quick tweak by adjusting the language to read Mother or Parent 1 and Father or Parent 2 for first time passports for those 16 and younger.

Of course the gay lobby is ecstatic about the changes as it comes closer to their goal of making everything in the country gender neutral and normalizing their behavior and lifestyle.

“The government is finally recognizing the reality that many children are being raised by same-sex parents,” said Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, a group that helped push for the change to the Washington Post. “This is just one form, but there are hundreds of government forms that need to be changed to reflect the realities of the modern family.”

A State Department spokesman told the Post that the changes are just a  “recognition of different types of families.”

This isn’t just a simple change in wording but a deliberate attempt by the goverment to define relationships, including marriage for which they have no real authority.

If the gay lobby can get this change adopted on passport forms what othe government issued forms will be next?  You can bet every single government issued form is on their radar and that they won’t stop until the entire system is gender neutral.

Let me know if there are other government forms that have received the gender neutral makeover.