Here is an e-mail that I received from my local utility urging me to switch to wind power. 

As a current WGES residential customer, you are already receiving 5% of your electricity from regional wind farms, a standard feature of your residential electricity supply contract. By stepping up to a higher percentage of wind, you can do even more to reduce regional air pollution and your carbon footprint.

When the typical household switches to 100% wind power, it’s the environmental equivalent of burning 700 fewer gallons of gasoline per year!

You Can Choose from Two Levels of Support.*

Choose Typical Annual Usage Step-up Amount Additional Price/kWh Additional Monthly Cost
50% WGES CleanStepsSM WindPower 10,000 kWh 45% 2.5¢ $9.37
100% WGES CleanStepsSM WindPower 10,000 kWh 95% 2.5¢ $19.79

*Based on typical annual household usage of 10,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Your additional monthly cost will depend on your actual electricity use.

Actually I  received three e-mails about this wonderful opportunity to spend an extra $100-250 per year to help save the environment.

I’m confused.  I thought that switching to alternative energy not only saved energy but saved money.  So why am I being asked to spend more money?  Because the fact of the matter is that wind and solar energy doesn’t save as much money as the public was led to believe and would be financially unviable without government (read taxpayer) subsidies.

Not only am I being asked to cough up more dough t go with wind energy but I am still paying for the subsidies through my taxes to keep the industry viable. 

I think I’m going to just blow this offer off.