February 2011

Tenure which has given teachers a virtual lifetime job guarantee is coming under increased scrutiny and according to this CBS News report new evaluation methods are slowly being introduced in some parts of the country to hold teachers more accountable in the classroom.

While this new method isn’t perfect it does hold the promise that poor teachers will actually be fired and not just shuffled around.

If teachers are really interested in helping students become successful they not only need to give up the notion that they should be given a virtual job guarantee for life but also drop their objections to charter schools that have proven to help those that need it the most.

For a glimpse on how bad our public education system is watch Waiting for Superman.

Wisconsin labor union leader Michael Bolton told Chris Matthews last night that the state should raise taxes to plus the budget gap just like Minnesota is proposing.


After watching a clip of former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell criticizing past pension deals that are crippling his state Matthews asked Bolton for his reaction.

Bolton then went into labor union talking points speaking about negotiation and that the real issue wasn’t about the budget or pensions but about getting rid of the unions.

First of all what is there to negotiate?  The state of Wisconsin is going broke like many other states and needs to take drastic action.  

As for Bolton’s idea that the state could raise taxes, that is the last thing they need to do if they want to foster long term growth.  Tax increases will bring some short-term revenue but it will cost the state in the long run.

Unions have received some very favorable contracts when it comes to wages and benefits but if they are serious about saving their jobs and pensions then they need to face reality.

Longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent is a member of the old boys network and wants the  Century Asoociation in Manhattan to resist efforts to sever ties with the all-male Garricks in London.

In a series of e-mails obtained by the New York Times Safer expressed his displeasure at a vote on the matter by saying:

What will be next? Disassociation with clubs that do not cater to vegans on their menus? Kosher dining rooms? Special facilities for nudists and transsexuals? Abolition of ‘Centurion’ to describe our members, given that the term is, according to the OED, derived from the all-male Roman army?

Safer’s comments may be a little far fetched to some but even he realized that once you crack open the door the floodgates are then opened any idea no matter how crazy could become a reality.

He also referred to a important female member as “whining,” “self-pitying” and “vindictive.”

When contacted by the Times Safer didn’t deny that he had written the e-mails but regretted that they had become public.

You don’t day?  Safer is definitely naive when it comes to thinking that his  e-mails wuld remain private but at least he had the courage to take a stand against a ludicrious policy.

Social conservative organizations may have boycotted the just completed Conservative Political Action Conference but from all observations their absence had no effect on the conference.

Several weeks ago when it was announced that several pro-life groups would not be attending CPAC it looked like the beginning of an internecine war within the conservative movement that threatened to bring down the annual conservative Woodstock.

The boycott picked up steam when The Media Research Center and Heritage Foundation two organizations that are not directly associated with the pro-life movement also announced that they wouldn’t be particpating this after after having done so for most of ther existence.

That raised some eyebrows but in the end it didn’t amount to anything.  The total number of groups boycotting CPAC came to about ten or less than 10% of the total number of sponsors this year.

According to CPAC the number of sponsors actually increased  by 15% shwoing that they were not affected by the boycott.

The group that caused the stir GOProud was barely noticable in the sea of exhibitors and didn’t create any additional controvsery.

With attendance estimated to be a record 11,000 the rela losers this year were the groups that chose not to participate. 

It is a simple case of out of sight, out of mind and with many other pro-life conservative groups in atendance they just scooped up a bigger piece of the pie. 

With a new Chairman at  ACU these groups are probably hoping that things will change next year but as far as I can tell he will maintain the status quo.  And why not?  CPAC didn’t suffer from the absence of Heritage or MRC and instead continued to thrive.

The groups in question have every right to boycott CPAC and I understand their reasoning though it may be due more to wanting to support the Family Research Council’s Value Voters Summit. 

That meeting is far smaller and is fine for the family values set of the conservative movement but lacks the star power of CPAC and will likely remain a very small event by comparison.

The debate wll go on but it is clear that until a viable alternative exists that CPAC holds all the cards.

On last night’s Hardball program host Chris Matthews compared Newt Gingrich tocomedian and actor Orson Bean.

Considering that Bean is 82-years old I’m not sure how many of Matthews’ viewers  know who Bean is.

Is Matthews right or is he off base once again?

Left wing congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took to the House floor to  call the recent Pepsi Super Bowl commerical racist.

Jackson Lee says the commerical promotes  racial stereotypes about angry black women and black men ogling white women.

The segment that Jackson Lee complained about was the last ten seconds of a thirty second commerical and until she decided to go aftre Pepsi it had  been considered  just another funny commercial.

Director Brad Bosley is stunned by the accusation and told Mediaite that he was thinking about a generic couple but that they were the best actors he had available and so he put them in the commerical.  Nothing more, nothing less.

If there is a sterotype of an angry black woman then Jackson Lee should be the poster child not the actors in the Pepsi commerical.

Conservatives have been fighting political correctness for years and now Russian television of all people is taking notice.

It’s pretty sad that our own media won’t cover this topic and the Russians will.

Much of the U.S. got hammered in January with record snowstorms and low temperatures that so far haven’t abated in February.  This has sparked even more debate about global warming. 

AccuWeather’s Joe Bastardi weighs in with his view.

It was  40 years ago that experts and the mainstream media were calling for a global Ice Age.