Wisconsin labor union leader Michael Bolton told Chris Matthews last night that the state should raise taxes to plus the budget gap just like Minnesota is proposing.


After watching a clip of former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell criticizing past pension deals that are crippling his state Matthews asked Bolton for his reaction.

Bolton then went into labor union talking points speaking about negotiation and that the real issue wasn’t about the budget or pensions but about getting rid of the unions.

First of all what is there to negotiate?  The state of Wisconsin is going broke like many other states and needs to take drastic action.  

As for Bolton’s idea that the state could raise taxes, that is the last thing they need to do if they want to foster long term growth.  Tax increases will bring some short-term revenue but it will cost the state in the long run.

Unions have received some very favorable contracts when it comes to wages and benefits but if they are serious about saving their jobs and pensions then they need to face reality.