The Democrats are grasping for straws to find issues that they think will reverberate with voters and non other than Jesse Jackson Jr. has now taken on the iPad by calling it a job killer.

If it’s such a job killer then why didn’t Jackson complain last year when Apple was selling nearly 15 million copies and the country was facing increasing unemployment? Could it possibly be that it was due to the Democrats being in control of Congress and any talk about high unemployment and job killing devices wouldn’t have fit his agenda?

Also exactly what did the Democrats do to reduce unemployment which rose on their watch beyond throwing taxpayer money at it with little or no effect.

Jackson now appears to be blaming the high unemployment rate on the new Republican Congress and not on the Democrats and the White House where the blame squarely lies.

As for the idea that the publishers and bookstores are suffering solely based on the iPad then Jackson must have somehow missed the fact that both Borders and Barnes & Noble have their own e-readers for downloading electronic books so they are contributing to their own demise by Jackson’s logic.

For publishers the advantage of e-books is lower overhead and distribution costs and more direct control over where their products are sold and at what price.

And why is Jackson complaining about iPads being distributed to students at Chicago State University?  He should be overjoyed that the heavily minority school is placing modern technology in the hands of students who wouldn’t be able to purchase the device on their own and save them a ton of money on textbook costs.

He should be championing the iPad and similar devices as great equalizers for minorities rather than some specious argument about how they kill jobs.

But for Democrats this is just another example of their twisted logic as a minority party.