The Montgomery County Council just can’t tear itself away from the little blue pill as they voted to keep funding its use for county government workers though in a more limited fashion than in the past.

According to the Examiner the council over the objections of County Executive Isiah Leggett voted to fund six doses of the drug each month for county workers which is a change from the unlimited supply they had access to before.

Leggett a Democrat had argued that “lifestyle drugs” such as viagra which cost the county $400,000 last year should be eliminated to help close a $300 million budget shortfall.

But County Council member  Marc Elrich (D-At Large)  disagreed with Leggett  and told the Examiner that  it was a  quality of life issue which can affect relationships.

Because we know that relationships and in this case sexual relationships are far more important than being fiscally responsible and serving the taxpayers of Montgomery County which is what Elrich and his fellow council members were elected to do.

At least I’ll know that if my taxes go up in the future that I’ll be doing my part to keep county workers happy, very happy.