According to a new studyl from North Korea’s Chosun Central Television China is the happiest country on earth followed closely by North Korea.

China scored 100 out of a possible 100 points with North Korea managing 98 points.  Not far behind were Cuba at 93, Iran at 88 and Venezuela at 85.  All these countries are either under communist control or follow a model of socialism and the suppression of individual human rights.

Taking up the rear not unsurprisingly is the United States or American Empire which only managed to score 3 points and finished dead last at 203.

Is it possible to be 100% happy?  If you live under authoritarian communist rule you’d better be happy or else.

Compare these results to a Gallup survey released in April that showed that Denmark was actually the happiest country in the world with the U.S. 12th.  China winds up in the bottom 40 with only 12% reporting that the country is thriving.

Whom are we to believe?  A survey done by local researchers in a communist country or a poll conducted by polling real people?


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