An avid supporter and mother of three young children is trying to sell the handwritten note she received from President Obama in an effort to stave off eviction and build a better life for her family.

Destiny Mathis 26, of Hobart, Indiana is unemployed and trying to support three children but has been unable to find employment despite all the taxpayer money that was funneled into the economy in the last two years.

In the letter Mathis told the president that  she was optimistic for change when she campaigned for him and that now she feels her future is bleak and unpromising, but stood behind his efforts:

‘I do think people are coming down too hard on you and your administration. An eight-year mess cannot be fixed in only two years’ time.

‘I am still behind you 100 per cent and so is my family. My dad is a disabled Vietnam Veteran and he tells my seven-year-old son, Silas, that he should strive to be just like you.

‘I tell my two-year-old daughter Milan that she will be as strong as Mrs Obama and to not be like me.’

The president in repsonse told Mathis that she “inspired him” and that things would get better for her family.

She’s still waiting.

Mathis told the Daily Mail that she has become weary of the promises and that she hasn’t seen any changes that directly affect her.

But thanks to Obama she may be able to net enough money from the sale of the letter to give her family the hope and change he promised on in 2008 but failed to deliver.