August 2011

In a series of town hall meetings this month members of the Congressional Black Caucus accuse the Tea Party of racism and wanting to lynch blacks as they tried to stir up the disaffected Democrat base.

Liberal black Democrats are showing that they are out of constructive ideas and that rather than propose solutions to the soaring unemployment in the black community which attendees wanted to hear decided to play the race card.

This isn’t firing up the base as inciting them to violence and playing the race card isn’t what Obama promised when he took office in 2009.

Golf pro and ESPN analyst Paul Azinger has run afoul of the network’s social media policy after he tweeted about President Obama playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard.

Facts: Potus has played more golf than I have.  I have created more jobs this month than he has.

USA Today reported that ESPN wasn’t too happy about Azinger’s tweet:

“Paul’s tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field,” spokesman Andy Hall told Game On! in a statement.

Asked if Azinger, who won the 1993 PGA Championship, will be reprimanded, suspended or fired, Hall said Sunday: “He will not be fired – he was reminded about ESPN’s social media policy, and we’re all moving on.”

Azinger declined an interview request after the public rebuke from ESPN. Azinger sent off two tweets Friday, both about Tiger Woods, then went silent on Twitter Saturday. The 12-time PGA tour winner joined ESPN in 2010.


While Azinger was called on the carpet for hitting on Obama ESPN didn’t feel the same about Kenny Mayne’s anti-Palin tweet just two months ago.

This had less to do with violating the network’s social media policy than Azinger getting on the wrong side of the political spectrum and exposes the politically correct atmosphere that not only pervades the mainstream media but has also found it’s way into sports journalism as well.

Is nothing sacred anymore?





House Minority Leader faced a barrage of criticism from constituents yesterday at a town hall in Oakland, California over her vote on the debt ceiling deal.

As Pelosi spoke the crowd called her a sell out and questioned why she voted for a deal that she admitted she “did not like at all” with one constituent labeling it a “Satan sandwich.”

While the anger hasn’t risen to the level of two years ago when Obama’s health care proposal stoked anger across the country, it must be disquieting for Pelosi to see that not even her liberal constituents are buying the Democrats line that it’s all the Republicans fault.

President Obama on his midwestern bus tour pinpointed one of the main causes for unemployment- the internet.

Obama: One of the challenges in terms of rebuilding our economy is – businesses have gotten so efficient, that, when was the last time somebody went to a bank teller? Instead of using an ATM. Or, used a travel agent instead of going online. A lot of jobs out that that used to require people now have become automated.


That’s right, businesses have become very efficient as a result of the internet and many jobs have disappeared as a result.  At the same time millions of jobs have been created in the technology sector resulting in wealth creation that would have been impossible without it. If only Obama could turn back the clock…


Obama Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack tells MSNBC that food stamps are an economic stimulus and that it creates jobs.


This along with both former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stating that continuing unemployment benefits creates jobs makes it clear that the administration is absolutely clueless on how to solve the unemployment crisis.


The longer Al Sharpton sits in the anchor chair at MSNBC the more embarrassment he brings to the network.

Sharpton was criticizing Michele Bachmann for her public statements on the EPA when he came p with this gem.

Let’s send Al back to teleprompter reading school.

CNN anchor Don Lemon criticized GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann for not veering from her campaign talking points but found room enough to praise former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for being candid.

Lemon showed clips of Bachmann sticking to her talking points when being interviewed last Sunday after her victory in the Ames Straw Poll and gave her a small break by saying that the media was partially responsible since they asked her the same questions so she was likely to give the same answers.

It’s also called consistency.

What Bachmann is doing is playing it safe which is s smart strategy for someone who has never run for national office before and if the worst thing the media can criticize her for is repeating talking points then she is doing a pretty good job.

By sticking to her message Bachmann lessens the chances that she will make any major mistakes and that’s what Lemon is really complaining about.  The lack of opportunity to nail Bachmann to the wall.

Surprisingly Lemon praised Palin for being what he called “refreshingly candid” in his interview with her over the weekend but Palin has had the advantage of running for national office and is now much more at ease in speaking to the media off the cuff.

Lemon claimed that his goal is to get politicians of all stripes to dump the talking points and said that he will be watching President Obama’s bus tour for the reason but don’t expect much of the same criticism heaped on Bachmann no matter how many times he repeats the same talking points as he did yesterday in Minnesota.

In another one of those classic moments in Congress Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee and Nancy Pelosi both agreed that President Obama was singled out by the GOP during the recent debt ceiling debate because he is black.

This is just another smokescreen since what really angers them is that Obama didn’t hold firm to the Democrats position and let the GOP get the best of him on the debt ceiling debate.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews turned his attention tonight to Texas Gov Rick Perry who is expected to announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination tomorrow by calling him a clown and full of B.S.

Matthews: He looks like a clown when you watch him in these pictures. I assume they can be totally not very representative but he dresses very fancy. There’s something about the way he puts himself together that doesn’t look authentic. He looks like a wax figure presenting to be a governor or something.  I can’t quite get this, there’s something about this that doesn’t add up to me. Maybe it’s this Texas B.S.thing, this boots and tuxedo thing they do down there.

Maybe Matthews can be forgiven since he is a Philadelphia boy and wouldn’t know an authentic Texan if he met one, but this sounds like another attempt by Matthews to remove any potentially viable GOP candidate in order to pave the way for Obama’s re-election.

Yesterday while the votes were still being tallied in Wisconsin for the state Senate recall elections MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews focused on one race in particular as being key in the battle for the Democrats.

Schultz compared Republican Sen. Alberta Darling to Sharron Angle telling Matthews that she will say anything even if it’s not true.  He then went on to cite changes made by Gov. Scott Walker with the Senate’s backing that he said have had little or no effect on improving the economy in Wisconsin. Then Schultz predicted that it was going to be a big night for the Democrats with them winning the three seats needed to take control of the Senate and maybe a fourth

Matthews piled on by interviewing Darling’s opponent Sandy Pasch and tried to give her a last minute boost.

But it failed big time as the Democrats managed to win two, not the three or four seats that Schultz predicted and they lost the race he identified as being the key to the recall efforts as Darling cruised to a 54-46 victory.

While the result wasn’t perfect for the GOP, by managing to maintain control of the Senate and deal a big blow to the labor unions and other liberals who were hoping to use the recall as springboard for recalling Gov. Scott Walker next year.  Now it’s the Republicans turn as two Democrats are facing an election next week giving them a chance to get their numbers close or back to the same level it was before the entire mess started.

Watch the fawning  here.


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