In an interview with the liberal Think Progress, House Minority Leader (Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?) Nancy Pelosi said that the debt ceiling fight wasn’t about deficit reduction but really a desire by the GOP to destroy the public space.

We just passed a bill, $1.2 trillion in cuts. If it were about reducing the deficit, the statement has been made about seriousness to do that.  This isn’t about that.  It’s about destroying, it isn’t about reducing the deficit.  It’s about destroying the public space. It’s about destroying federal involvement in public education. It’s about clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, you name it they’re there to diminish it. Destroy it.

All Republicans and in particular Tea Party members wanted was for the government to behave in a fiscally responsible manner and to rein in the spending that has saddles us with $14.3 in debt and thanks to the debt deal will allow it to grow up to $16.7 trillion.  That isn’t destroying the public space or government it’s only encouraging them to do business as usual and kick the can down the road.

Spending cuts can be tough but our government has grown into a monolithic force that has found its way into almost every facet of our private lives and it needs to end now.

The economy will not grow if the the government continues to regulate businesses out of existence but that seems to be lost on Pelosi and her colleagues.  Try creating jobs when there are no businesses to hire them.

If the current members of Congress aren’t willing to stand up and fight to save this country from economic disaster then it’s time to clean house once again and find someone who will.