Gays are receiving increasing positive exposure on broadcast and cable television according to the latest GLAAD Network Responsibility Index released late last week.

The most gay or LGBT friendly networks are as follows:

Broadcast networks:

  1. The CW (33)
  2. Fox (29)
  3. ABC (23)
  4. NBC (15)
  5. CBS (10)

Cable networks:

  1. ABC Family (55)
  2. Showtime (37)
  3. TNT (33)
  4. HBO (31)
  5. AMC (29)
  6. SyFy (22)
  7. FX (19)
  8. USA (18)
  9. A&E (5)
  10. TBS (5)

While it’s not surprising to see the CW with its edgy programming top the broadcast list, some conservatives may be surprised to see the ABC Family network on cable blow away the competition with a whopping 55% of its primetime programming including positive LGBT images.

The effect of these images is often far greater than the percentages listed though as many top rated programs such as House on Fox with the bisexual doctor 13, to TNT’s The Closer’s gay coroner extends the reach even further.

The movement towards gay friendly shouldn’t really come as surprise since liberals in Hollywood have been pushing a pro gay agenda for years on film ad have only recently become emboldened to transfer their agenda to primetime television.

This all about portraying the gay lifestyle and behavior as perfectly normal and never shows any of the downsides of  gay lifestyles when compared to heterosexual lifestyles giving the viewers a distorted view.

Since it’s politically incorrect to criticize the LGBT movement and lifestyle under the threat of being pilloried by the media and the movement, my suggestion is to turn off the television  and read a good book.