Yesterday while the votes were still being tallied in Wisconsin for the state Senate recall elections MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews focused on one race in particular as being key in the battle for the Democrats.

Schultz compared Republican Sen. Alberta Darling to Sharron Angle telling Matthews that she will say anything even if it’s not true.  He then went on to cite changes made by Gov. Scott Walker with the Senate’s backing that he said have had little or no effect on improving the economy in Wisconsin. Then Schultz predicted that it was going to be a big night for the Democrats with them winning the three seats needed to take control of the Senate and maybe a fourth

Matthews piled on by interviewing Darling’s opponent Sandy Pasch and tried to give her a last minute boost.

But it failed big time as the Democrats managed to win two, not the three or four seats that Schultz predicted and they lost the race he identified as being the key to the recall efforts as Darling cruised to a 54-46 victory.

While the result wasn’t perfect for the GOP, by managing to maintain control of the Senate and deal a big blow to the labor unions and other liberals who were hoping to use the recall as springboard for recalling Gov. Scott Walker next year.  Now it’s the Republicans turn as two Democrats are facing an election next week giving them a chance to get their numbers close or back to the same level it was before the entire mess started.

Watch the fawning  here.