August 2011

In another one of those classic moments in Congress Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee and Nancy Pelosi both agreed that President Obama was singled out by the GOP during the recent debt ceiling debate because he is black.

This is just another smokescreen since what really angers them is that Obama didn’t hold firm to the Democrats position and let the GOP get the best of him on the debt ceiling debate.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews turned his attention tonight to Texas Gov Rick Perry who is expected to announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination tomorrow by calling him a clown and full of B.S.

Matthews: He looks like a clown when you watch him in these pictures. I assume they can be totally not very representative but he dresses very fancy. There’s something about the way he puts himself together that doesn’t look authentic. He looks like a wax figure presenting to be a governor or something.  I can’t quite get this, there’s something about this that doesn’t add up to me. Maybe it’s this Texas B.S.thing, this boots and tuxedo thing they do down there.

Maybe Matthews can be forgiven since he is a Philadelphia boy and wouldn’t know an authentic Texan if he met one, but this sounds like another attempt by Matthews to remove any potentially viable GOP candidate in order to pave the way for Obama’s re-election.

Yesterday while the votes were still being tallied in Wisconsin for the state Senate recall elections MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews focused on one race in particular as being key in the battle for the Democrats.

Schultz compared Republican Sen. Alberta Darling to Sharron Angle telling Matthews that she will say anything even if it’s not true.  He then went on to cite changes made by Gov. Scott Walker with the Senate’s backing that he said have had little or no effect on improving the economy in Wisconsin. Then Schultz predicted that it was going to be a big night for the Democrats with them winning the three seats needed to take control of the Senate and maybe a fourth

Matthews piled on by interviewing Darling’s opponent Sandy Pasch and tried to give her a last minute boost.

But it failed big time as the Democrats managed to win two, not the three or four seats that Schultz predicted and they lost the race he identified as being the key to the recall efforts as Darling cruised to a 54-46 victory.

While the result wasn’t perfect for the GOP, by managing to maintain control of the Senate and deal a big blow to the labor unions and other liberals who were hoping to use the recall as springboard for recalling Gov. Scott Walker next year.  Now it’s the Republicans turn as two Democrats are facing an election next week giving them a chance to get their numbers close or back to the same level it was before the entire mess started.

Watch the fawning  here.


GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s campaign is suffering from financial problems and he blames the media for hindering his fundraising efforts.

“The fact is, the only thing the news media has really affected is my fundraising,”  in a speech Gingrich gave in Iowa late last week as he tried to explain his inability to compete in the Ames Iowa Straw Poll next week.

Gingrich’s second quarter donations totaled just $2 million, a far cry from the $18 million Mitt Romney raised in the same period showing that Newt was having trouble gaining any traction in an ever increasingly crowded field.

While I’m not one to regularly defend the media from criticism especially when it’s coming from conservatives who are usually correct, in this case it’s an accusation lacking evidence.

Gingrich has been his own worst enemy at first defending then backtracking about his global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi a few years ago, blasting Paul Ryan’s medicare plan on national television, only t apologize later, a six-figure line of credit at Tiffany’s, and last week’s revelation that most of his Twitter followers were bought and not real.

For a seasoned politician, especially one who has waged many battles with the press his actions during the campaign to date have been nothing short of self-destructive.

But that’s what happens when you let your ego get the best of you and cloud your judgment.

Video of  Newt blaming the media.

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Gays are receiving increasing positive exposure on broadcast and cable television according to the latest GLAAD Network Responsibility Index released late last week.

The most gay or LGBT friendly networks are as follows:

Broadcast networks:

  1. The CW (33)
  2. Fox (29)
  3. ABC (23)
  4. NBC (15)
  5. CBS (10)

Cable networks:

  1. ABC Family (55)
  2. Showtime (37)
  3. TNT (33)
  4. HBO (31)
  5. AMC (29)
  6. SyFy (22)
  7. FX (19)
  8. USA (18)
  9. A&E (5)
  10. TBS (5)

While it’s not surprising to see the CW with its edgy programming top the broadcast list, some conservatives may be surprised to see the ABC Family network on cable blow away the competition with a whopping 55% of its primetime programming including positive LGBT images.

The effect of these images is often far greater than the percentages listed though as many top rated programs such as House on Fox with the bisexual doctor 13, to TNT’s The Closer’s gay coroner extends the reach even further.

The movement towards gay friendly shouldn’t really come as surprise since liberals in Hollywood have been pushing a pro gay agenda for years on film ad have only recently become emboldened to transfer their agenda to primetime television.

This all about portraying the gay lifestyle and behavior as perfectly normal and never shows any of the downsides of  gay lifestyles when compared to heterosexual lifestyles giving the viewers a distorted view.

Since it’s politically incorrect to criticize the LGBT movement and lifestyle under the threat of being pilloried by the media and the movement, my suggestion is to turn off the television  and read a good book.



From the president who has shown that he is uncomfortable without his teleprompter comes this awkward moment today as Obama  stood at the podium in silence for about a minute before starting his speech.

It’s not really clear what Obama was waiting for but the bets are on a slow loading teleprompter.

The bond between a man and his machine.

In an interview with the liberal Think Progress, House Minority Leader (Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?) Nancy Pelosi said that the debt ceiling fight wasn’t about deficit reduction but really a desire by the GOP to destroy the public space.

We just passed a bill, $1.2 trillion in cuts. If it were about reducing the deficit, the statement has been made about seriousness to do that.  This isn’t about that.  It’s about destroying, it isn’t about reducing the deficit.  It’s about destroying the public space. It’s about destroying federal involvement in public education. It’s about clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, you name it they’re there to diminish it. Destroy it.

All Republicans and in particular Tea Party members wanted was for the government to behave in a fiscally responsible manner and to rein in the spending that has saddles us with $14.3 in debt and thanks to the debt deal will allow it to grow up to $16.7 trillion.  That isn’t destroying the public space or government it’s only encouraging them to do business as usual and kick the can down the road.

Spending cuts can be tough but our government has grown into a monolithic force that has found its way into almost every facet of our private lives and it needs to end now.

The economy will not grow if the the government continues to regulate businesses out of existence but that seems to be lost on Pelosi and her colleagues.  Try creating jobs when there are no businesses to hire them.

If the current members of Congress aren’t willing to stand up and fight to save this country from economic disaster then it’s time to clean house once again and find someone who will.

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