The Christian Values Voters Summit which was held last Friday and Saturday declared its own GOP presidential poll irrelevant because Ron Paul won.

Paul manged to garner 37% of the vote largely because of 600 supporters that were bused in on Saturday morning specifically to vote for their favored candidate.

That prompted Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council who sponsored the Summit to declare the poll irrelevant.

The poll results were certainly skewed by the flood of Paul supporters that were brought in to vote on Saturday but they didn’t do anything wrong nor and different what others have tried in other straw polls in the last several years.  Rather than give Paul supporters credit for being well organized Perkins chose to declare his own poll irrelevant because of them.

Throwing out the Paul votes would give Herman Cain a win  at 33%  followed by Rick Santorum with 23% and Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann ties for third at 11%.

Perkins should have just pointed out how the results were skewed and left it at that.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.