November 2011

Get them while they’re hot.  The New York Times has jumped on the CyberMonday bandwagon by discounting digital subscriptions through Tuesday morning.


From 12AM EST on Monday, November 28, until 6AM EST on Tuesday, November 29, all new subscribers will save 50% on 26 weeks of any of The Times’s various digital subscription packages. In addition, 12- and 26-week gift subscriptions will be available at the same 50% savings. The Times began offering gift digital subscriptions earlier this week.

The 50% savings will extend to each of The Times’s digital packages: and Smartphone App; and Tablet App; and All Digital Access (unlimited access to plus smartphone and tablet apps). More information about gift subscriptions is available here: Please check on Monday for the Cyber Monday offering.

So if you just can’t live without the New York Times, now is your chance to get it on the cheap, or at least what qualifies for cheap these days.

CNN is in need of a detail oriented copy editor.

From TVNewser.

If you’re a self-appointed grammar cop and can’t stand the sight of a typo, listen up. CNN is looking for a copy editorto join its New York-based team.

In this role, you’ll fact-check and proofread every script before it goes to air. You’ll be responsible for elevating the level of copy, and scanning every piece of tape in program. Copy should be conversational and easy to understand for a morning audience, so you should be able to break down a complicated story and tell it in a clear and concise way.

To be considered, you should have at least three years of experience as a writer or copy editor at a cable news organization, broadcast network, or top ten market local TV newsroom. Naturally, you’ll need to be a creative mind with strong writing and editing skills, and you should be up on current events. Knowledge of libel laws is another must-have. Interested? Apply here.

It’s always encouraging when a news organization has a job opening considering how much they have been cutting back recently- CNN just pink slipped 50 staffers a couple of weeks ago.

Even more since they want  someone who is detail oriented.  Maybe that will also lead to fewer biased stories as well.

We can always hope even if it is CNN.

Former Republican turned liberal darling Arianna Huffington told New York magazine that she is so disappointed in Obama that she might even vote Republican in 2012.

Huffington’s own thread has seemed to follow a similarly circuitous path, from right to left and now seeming to bend back, making the Huffington Post’s political leanings a bit more red-state-friendly for the AOL culture—though one could argue that, in fact, she’s never been that far left. She’s not anti-capitalist (just anti-looting), and she also lacks the left’s faith in the government’s ability to run things. Huffington says now that she is disappointed in Obama and could even see herself voting Republican in the next presidential election.

That created enough of a stir for Huffington to issue a clarification.

To clarify – I never said I was going to vote GOP in 2012. A theoretical Republican like Teddy Roosevelt, sure, but Cain Perry Romney? Never

Well that still leaves, Gingrich, Paul, Bachmann, Santorum and probably the one Republican she could vote for Jon Hunstman who will need a miracle to get the nomination.


The New York Post reports that a fundraiser for President Obama’s re-election campaign headed by Vice President Joe Biden  was not exactly the hottest ticket in town yesterday.  Compared to Obama the $5,000 a-head-fundraiser should have been a bargain but apparently weak demand led the campaign to say the fee was “negotiable” which must be an embarrassment for a sitting vice president.

Maybe the setting of the Pool Room at the Four Seasons was a little too ostentatious for a city that  has been distracted by the Occupy Wall Street protesters lately.


Just how bad is the news business?  Well in Tucson it’s apparently bad enough that the local Fox affiliate decided to cancel it’s local news broadcasts and lay off the news team comprising of  some 40-50 people.

The station known as Fox 11 will contract with local CBS affiliate KOLD to produce  the local news broadcasts beginning Feb 1.

Underlying the basic economics of the move it also reflects on the state of the news business in Tucson with some of the soon to be laid off staffers having come from other media organizations like the Tucson Citizen and Journal Broadcast Group when they made cutbacks.

According to the Tucson Sentinel a source told them that the reason for the layoffs was due to a lack of advertising revenues.

That is probably true as even larger news organizations been suffering from a dearth of advertising as the economy continues to stumble along  but may also may be due to the rise of citizen journalism.

Last Friday CNN issued pink slips to 50 employees citing technological advances that allows just about anyone to report the news with a hand held camera negating the need for full-time photojournalists and editors.




About 170 bloggers are gathering in Denver starting today for the second annual BlogCon conference.

The conference  which is the brainchild of FreedomWorls’ New Media Director Tabitha Hale will feature some of the top conservative bloggers in the country exchanging tips and ideas in an effort to strengthen the movement.

Friday will feature workshops Facebook, Google+, YouTube and WordPress and Wikipedia etc… while Saturday will be more activism oriented as various speakers including Ed Morrissey, Deneen Borelli, Jim Hoft and Pam Geller take the mic.

The conference takes place at the Crowne Plaza downtown.


In a new Poll Position-TV Newser  poll 42% of those surveyed said their has been too much news coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Twenty-five percent said the amount  TV news coverage of the protests was just right, and 24% said they thought the protests deserved more coverage.

Respondents were asked the following question: “When it comes to media coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests, do you believe the protests have received the right amount of TV news coverage, not enough TV news coverage, or too much TV news coverage?”

The poll broke along partisan lines with 56% of Republicans agreeing that there was too much coverage versus just 18% of Democrats.

Among Independents 51% said the protests received too much coverage with 27% saying they deserved more coverage just trailing Democrats at 34%.

The telephone survey of 1,066 registered voters nationwide was conducted October 30, 2011 and has a margin of error of ±3%.

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