Former Republican turned liberal darling Arianna Huffington told New York magazine that she is so disappointed in Obama that she might even vote Republican in 2012.

Huffington’s own thread has seemed to follow a similarly circuitous path, from right to left and now seeming to bend back, making the Huffington Post’s political leanings a bit more red-state-friendly for the AOL culture—though one could argue that, in fact, she’s never been that far left. She’s not anti-capitalist (just anti-looting), and she also lacks the left’s faith in the government’s ability to run things. Huffington says now that she is disappointed in Obama and could even see herself voting Republican in the next presidential election.

That created enough of a stir for Huffington to issue a clarification.

To clarify – I never said I was going to vote GOP in 2012. A theoretical Republican like Teddy Roosevelt, sure, but Cain Perry Romney? Never

Well that still leaves, Gingrich, Paul, Bachmann, Santorum and probably the one Republican she could vote for Jon Hunstman who will need a miracle to get the nomination.