December 2011

The New York Times which has been under siege lately after it was revealed that they would be giving soon to be departed CEO Janet L. Robinson  her $10.9 million pension early on top of a one-year $4.5 million consulting contract,  while freezing employee pensions only made matters worse yesterday with an errant email.

The email which was supposed to have been sent to 300 people who had recently canceled their subscriptions, instead went out to 8 million people, which the paper had email addresses for.

I was one of those 8 million people.

When I received the email I thought it was curious since I had canceled my subscription more than two years ago and switched to the cheaper Kindle version.  But I just brushed it off as a computer error.  Little did I know it was a large error which may have been attributable to a Times employee who goofed big time.

Here’s the email.

Dear Home Delivery Subscriber,Our records indicate that you recently requested to cancel your home delivery subscription. Please keep in mind when your delivery service ends, you will no longer have unlimited access to and our NYTimes apps.

We do hope you’ll reconsider.

As a valued Times reader we invite you to continue your current subscription at an exclusive rate of 50% off for 16 weeks. This is a limited-time offer and will no longer be valid once your current subscription ends.*

Continue your subscription and you’ll keep your free, unlimited digital access, a benefit available only for our home delivery subscribers. You’ll receive unlimited access to on any device, full access to our smartphone and iPad® apps, plus you can now share your unlimited access with a family member.

To continue your subscription call 1-877-698-0025 and mention code 38H9H (Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. E.D.T.).

Even with the 50% discount, a subscription will still cost almost 60% more than the Kindle version, which is a good reason to pass on the offer.

But never fear the paper isn’t going to honor the discounts anyway.

In another one of those “oops” moments Good Morning America misspelled the capital of South Korea.

From TV Newser:

According to ABC’s “Good Morning America,” at 7:03 AM this morning, the capital of South Korea has some “Soul”:

The capital of South Korea is of course spelled “Seoul” in the traditional Latin alphabet.

I’ve been to Seoul and my wife is Korean and she says some of the traditional dishes may be considered”soul food”, just not the capital.

Last night on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews  during a discussion of  Saturday’s GOP debate, Newsweek’s Michelle Goldberg said the debates diminish the Republican party because it’s such a race to the bottom.

Goldberg added that Fred Barnes was wrong when he wrote that the liberal media is making the GOP look bad at the debates and that “The Republican candidates are making themselves look bad all by themselves, ” and that they are “diminished by this process because it’s such a race to the bottom, but that’s where their base is.”

Leave it to Matthews to bring on yet another Obama cheerleader to disparage the Republicans, while praising Obama’s less than sterling performance on “^0” Minutes Sunday night by calling him “dignified.”

Matthews and other members of the mainstream media are truly enjoying watching the Republican presidential nomination play out and only add credence to Barnes’ assertion that the liberal media  is making more out of the entire process than is deserved.

Watch the segment here.

Former MSNBC anchor David Shuster who had trouble controlling his own temper on the network and eventually lost his job over his inability to practice self-control is now giving advice to actor Alec Baldwin after his temper tantrum on an American Airlines flight last week.

From FishbowlDC

As everyone knows by now, actor Alec Baldwin got into that tiff on Tuesday with an American Airlines stewardess over “Words With Friends,” a computer word game he was playing on his smartphone at LAX before takeoff. Reports have him slamming the bathroom door and acting like an a$$h@!&. Ultimately he got himself thrown off the plane.

But funnier still is the prospect of Current TV substitute anchor David Shuster serving as Baldwin’s mean therapist. He wrote on Twitter Tuesday, “@alecbaldwin The 45 minutes you cost all of those AA passengers… they will never get it back. 1) Apologize 2) get some therapy, man.” Moments later, added, “@alecbaldwin U insult AA flight attendants after the crap you pulled? Spare us your spoiled narcisiism. Do charter flights + get therapy.”

Shuster has his work cut out for him. Few can forget that incident in which Baldwin left a voicemail message for his daughter, calling her a “thoughtless little pig.”

Yes, Baldwin is a loud mouthed Hollywood liberal, but there is something oddly ironic about the intemperate Shuster advising Baldwin to get therapy after some of his outbursts on television.

Joy Behar will soon be back to one job, co-hosting The View on ABC now that her HLN show has been canceled so she is amping up her liberal political side again on the daytime show.

In a discussion this week about Obama’s job performance, Behar lauded Obama for saving General Motors ( at what cost?) and a minute later mentioned the health care law admitting that it was flawed but that Truman couldn’t make it work either.

That sounds like someone who knew it wasn’t going to work from the start, but thought it was worth the time and expense to Americans to foist it upon them.

The fun starts at the one-minute mark.