President Obama, who lost ten counties and 41 percent of the vote to a convicted felon earlier this month in the West Virginia Democratic primary, sustained two more body blows last night in the Arkansas  and Kentucky primaries.

In Arkansas attorney John Wolfe picked up 41 percent of the vote against Obama, which was well above the 30 percent that he has told a reporter he thought he might attract.  Worse though for Obama was Kentucky, where “Uncommitted” picked up 42 percent of the vote, showing just how much the Appalachian region of the country feels about the president.

The voting is largely symbolic as Obama has secured the Democratic nomination, but it is still an embarrassing footnote to a candidate who just four years ago swept into office by promising voters hope and change and instead has had to grapple with the highest unemployment rate in more than a generation.

I wonder if Joe Biden understands why the voters went for “Uncommitted” in Kentucky as much as he did about West Virginians voting for a convicted felon?